Coming Up For Air

I stood on the rocks overlooking a beautiful bay

I saw the fins of two divers exploring the waters below me

Their heads emerged from deep beneath the dark blue sea

Quickly clearing their snorkels then diving back down to explore the vast ocean below

While under the surface of the water their activities and explorations are unknown to those of us watching from above

They come back up only to clear water and assess for obstacles

Turning downward again with the force to push them deeper

Wind through the kelp, navigate the darkness

How similar this seems to living outside the water

The thoughts in our heads are like the divers deep under the surface

No one around us knows what is churning in our minds

Are we scared of the dark

Of the thoughts of doubt, worry, anxiety

Are we overwhelmed with the beauty we are experiencing with every sight we take in

Is our palate in awe of the savory flavors on our tongue

We have to remember to come up for air

Clear our minds to receive the good and positive thoughts of the universe

Open our hearts to receive the love and acceptance of those close to us

Take notice of where we are on our journey

Are we on the right path

Are we expanding

Are we diving deep enough to grasp what might be a little out of reach, but worth going after

Coming up for air isn’t giving up

It’s living fully

Living mindfully

Living respectfully

Living from and for our heart

Filling our lungs with vital oxygen to push onward

-Inspired while visiting the Grotta di Lord Byron in Porto Venere, Province of La Spezia, Italy


Published by Robyn

Hi -I'm Robyn. I live in Denver, Colorado but love to travel and explore the world. After taking a 1 year sabbatical in 2018 to travel, I realized that getting out into the world whether by myself or with the perfect travel companion makes my life complete. I started my website during my solo travels and am now transitioning it to better reflect what travel means to me. Thank you for visiting!

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