About Me

Plage des Bourdaines
Seignosse, France

Hello – my name is Robyn. I started this website in June 2018 as a digital journal of discoveries about traveling solo. From July to December 2018, I traveled through Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya. I explored places that called to my soul. I volunteered with organizations making a difference in this world. I learned and grew personally more than I ever dreamed possible. Along the way, I wrote stories of what I learned by wandering, exploring, and being open to transformation. I came home at the end of 2018 and started a new life. A life filled with new perspectives, with gratitude, and a profound love of traveling.  

In the last three years, I have made many discoveries. I discovered the beauty in allowing my heart to be open to love. I found out I can push my body harder and become stronger, and more physically fit than I ever imagined. I recognized patterns that were holding me back from becoming the best version of myself. I found out that I feel most alive when I’m walking down a street I’ve never been down before. When I eat foods and taste spices, and flavors for the first time. Seeing natural wonders of the world and being in awe of their beauty. 

I have decided to begin again. To once again write and share stories of my travels, my learnings and wanderings. Whether those travels are right here in my backyard of Colorado or across or globe.  

Thanks for joining me. 



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