About Me

Hello – my name is Robyn. I celebrated my 50th birthday on September 1, 2018, in Provence, France just six weeks into my sabbatical dedicated to exploring the world and myself.  I took the plunge! I quit my job, sold my house, got rid of the majority of my possessions, and committed to a mid-life gap year to travel to places that were calling to my soul, to volunteer with organizations making a difference, and to learn, to grow, and to wander.

This desire has been brewing inside of me for quite some time, but it wasn’t until a trip to Morocco in October 2017, that I realized the “what” of what I have been yearning to do. During that time in Morocco on our first full day together walking through the medina, we stopped at the Jardin Secret late in the day when the gardens were nearly empty of visitors. I sat quietly by myself while these words poured onto the page of a small journal provided by our retreat leader, Nicole.

In this secret garden, beautiful species from near and far are fulfilled each day.

The sun nourishes their souls.

The water feeds their roots.

Deep in each of us, there is a garden, longing for the secret to be revealed. 

During that trip, my secret was revealed. A tribe was formed and I now know that I can do anything. So I took the plunge. I embarked on this journey of pure wanderlust on July 19, 2018, to discover the world, myself and everything in between. I spent a month traveling through Spain, three weeks in France, then a quick trip to Berlin and Vienna. I then spent a month exploring Italy and headed back to France for two housesitting opportunities. I finished my time in Europe by spending three weeks in Paris before heading to Mozambique Island in East Africa. I then had the wonderful experience of going on safari in Tanzania before heading home a few days before Christmas.

This website is my digital journal of discoveries about traveling alone as a 50-year-old woman, stories of learnings about myself and the world around me. I’ll be continuing to post stories of wandering, exploration, and transformation. Thanks for joining me.