Facing Forward

Yesterday while exploring Valencia I visited the Mercado Colón. A market that opened at the turn of the century and is now home to a “gastro market”. While concepts like this are finally making their way into American cities, like the Dairy Block, Stanley Market and The Source markets in Denver, this building is exquisitely crafted with an elegance that new buildings today cannot even come close to replicating. Inside, the market is filled with cafes, restaurants, heledarias (ice cream), and coffee shops built with modern appeal but situated within an open environment so that the historic presence of the building is very much intact and part of your experience, no matter where you sit to enjoy your visit.

After a long, hot day of walking the city, I  needed to relax and cool off with a tapa and cerveza. I sought out a place with a nice breeze and just took in the surroundings. It was early evening so the activity in the market was minimal. As I sat, it occurred to me that although this building was inaugurated in 1916 it has continually moved forward. Meeting the needs of the community and it’s visitors. These words came to me as I enjoyed my tapas and Valencian Marzen.

Sitting in a seat on the train facing backwards,
I stare out the window and watch
the rolling hills,
olive groves and
towns passing by
Eyeing not where I am headed
But what I have already passed

Much like this time I face at the present moment
Time filled with reflection
Time spent amongst
the plains
and the mountains.

Time filled with
and a wonderful life.

This current journey finds me in new places
Not looking too far into the future
Anchored firmly to the present

Digging deep to find the courage
To step into the unknown
Explore new cities
Lost amongst spoken words I do not comprehend
Filled with uncertainty but also hope

That I shall find the gem hidden inside
That wasn’t listened to
Unallowed to blossom
May she open fully in all her glory

The past shapes up
But does not define us
A new version awaits discovery
It will be found

Facing forward
With an open heart
A curious eye
Untainted perspective

Published by Robyn

Hi -I'm Robyn. I live in Denver, Colorado but love to travel and explore the world. After taking a 1 year sabbatical in 2018 to travel, I realized that getting out into the world whether by myself or with the perfect travel companion makes my life complete. I started my website during my solo travels and am now transitioning it to better reflect what travel means to me. Thank you for visiting!

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