My Journey Map

Why a journey map and not a map of my journey, you may be asking. As I got involved with mobile app development, one of my favorite parts of the development process was designing and mapping out the customer journey. Working with great designers makes this process even more fun because they challenge you to think deeply about the experience and how people are going to interact with your application. This helps to identify what the user or customer of the app truly wants, or the experience you intend to provide to the customer. It’s a visualization of the process of what someone goes through on their journey using the application.

So thus I decided to create my own journey map of this adventure I’m taking. Mapping out the places I’ve been and tying those places to the stories of what occurred along the way seems like a great journey map. Most of the points on the map are tied to posts that I’ve done, but others are just spots that I visited. You can zoom in on the map to see the destinations more clearly and below the map, you can click either the backward or forward arrows to see the posts tied with each location. I’m hopeful that seeing the places I’ve been may inspire you to take a journey of your own, or at least draw a map that includes some juicy details of what that journey might look like.